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Matthew Davis is a 22 year-old York County native running for state Representative in the 92nd District. A 2019 graduate of Dover Area High School, and a 2023 graduate of Lebanon Valley College, Davis began working for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the Republican Caucus Communications Department shortly after graduation from Lebanon Valley.

Davis, an Eagle Scout, is a natural-born leader who has dedicated much of his adult life to leadership and service in many of the activities and organizations he has been involved with. He is also no stranger to the value of hard work. His first job at age 13 was on a local farm; he began working for a local landscaping company the summer after and continued until going to college. In college, he worked at a FedEx warehouse, a wood product manufacturing plant and as both Lift Operator and Snowboard Instructor at Roundtop Mountain Resort during the summer and winter breaks.

Davis' priorities include, but are not limited to: term limits and reduced salaries for elected state officials; election integrity; a free economy and stimulated business atmosphere; educational choice and freedom, recognizing parents' role in their child's development and seeking funding for quality education; supporting farmers, small business owners, trade workers, truckers and veterans; keeping government out of the private lives of its citizens and preventing governmental overreach in agriculture, business, education, and the pursuit of happiness.


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